Sunday, 5 February 2012

Seventeen years of progress

So, seventeen years of wargaming. You'd think that would mean a fair few painted armies. It turns out that if I think about it, I may have finished maybe two armies in all that time, both of which would have been ones soon after I started. As such, I have a massive pile of unpainted miniatures, interspersed with a few finished models. Occasionally an entire unit might make it to the battlefield resplendent in their bright uniforms, colours gleaming overhead as they march over a dusty plain or blasted heath. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen that often, and when it does, the unit in question is very lucky to march into battle next to a similarly finished unit.

The idea with this blog is to chart my progress painting things, with the aim of actually getting to fight a battle with a fully painted army or two. The amount of different systems I tend to play means that a variety of different things will appear, though the majority will be 28mm (or 25mm, depending on who you ask) miniatures. A large amount will be Games Workshop models, though I have amassed a large collection of historical armies over the last few years.

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