Friday, 25 May 2012


Hmm, it's been a while since I last posted anything here. Excuses are as follows:

1) I spent a month working in Leuven (Belgium). With not much time in the week due to work, and a combination of rain and no camera on the weekends, opportunities to report anything worthwhile from this period are lacking.

2) While I was away, the clip (it probably has a proper name. All I know is it has a spirit level on it) that connects my camera to the tripod went walkabouts somewhere in Italy. A new one has apparently turned up and been fitted this last week or so.

3) I've been too lazy to clear the gaming table and set up the lightbox (wait... that's not an excuse).

However, although the lack of photos and such means there is so far no record of it, progress on the painting front has actually been made. I even managed to get a game in the other weekend! As such, photos can be expected in the near future covering a wide range of topics, as I'm far to disorganised and irresponsible to settle down with one subject. Items will include members of the Orange-Nassau and Nassau-Usingen regiments for the hundred days campaign (1815), some American War of Independence models, and a few chaps with extravagant facial hair from the first Carlist War.

Oh, and some pirates may appear on here at some point.

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