Friday, 2 November 2012

Hairy Wizard

A slight departure from the savage hoards today (though there are some goblins awaiting a chance at being photographic models). Today's fine fellow is an elf with a twist. A hairy twist.

That's right: A BEARD!

According to collecting citadel miniatures this chap is called Macross the Seer, and is (supposedly) the only citadel elf with a beard. Whether that's true or not I can't say, but I don't ever recall seeing any other elves with beards. So that could be a challenge. Try to find other examples of scruffy elves.

The range of elf cavalry from this period are some of my favourites. Unfortunately I don't have that many of them. The horses are some of the most enjoyable I've painted, and I'm not normally very keen on horse painting. Probably why most stuff I paint tends to be infantry.

He also appears to have a stick with a hand on it. I'm assuming this is some kind of magical staff, and not what it appears to be, which is a arse-paddling stick. For ride-by arse-paddling. Though it could be, as we know that wizards have no sense of right and wrong...

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