Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Is it me, or does that goblin have a banana on his head?

So, updates....

Today we have a bunch of Kevin Adams goblins (as if they'd have been done by anyone else...)

As always with my greenskins, these little fellows are an eye-searingly bright green. I've decided to paint most of the clothing black, with the odd bit in yellow or red, to allow them to be used as night goblins should I need a few bain and chain wielding loonies at any point. And beacuse one of them appears to be wearing a hat with a moon on it. Or is it a banana?

As yet there are only ten of these little chaps done, but I have another 12 or so lurking in the box o' lead.

Speaking of the box, I should mention that a couple of months ago I managed to get a large (huge?) haul of greenies on ebay, courtesy of some fellow selling his old army off. A quick peruse of the container shows me I have approximately the following (I say approximately because there may be the odd model hanging around elsewhere):

36 orc archers, including a further Harboth, and 3(!) champions
9 of Eeza Ugezod's Mother Crushers
2 old trolls and a stone troll
11 orc spearmen
2 Pump wagons, one with the chassis, one without
One of those ancient bolt throwers (from Notlob's Orcish Bolt-Throwing Engines I think)
A Man-mangler, sans face plate
16 orcs with various weapons
20 goblins with various weapons
12 goblin archers


A number of snotlings.

Quite a lot of stuff to get done then! Especially in terms of archers. Oh well, I suppose with that many the greenies might actually get a chance to hit something, even if it is each other.

There's also a number of orcs that I'll be using for characters (bosses, big bosses, etc...). The first two such are featured below.


  1. Well, if it ain't an oldhammer page I've never seen before! I was busy googling for a Lead Belcher and lo - here was your site! I wait with baited breath for the balance of your orc army - as well as the other wood elves.

  2. Hey Gaj! =) I did just about the same, but a day later and I was googling for some painted examples of Ruglud's. =D Nice work Alex, the nauseating green works just fine! =) Like how you treat your bases too. Very nice job!

  3. Much appreciated chaps! I should really get on with some more of these models. I've been distracted by umpteen other projects (and work).